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MSD Strong

March 08, 2018
By Jolie Eldridge

I have tried to write this post about a dozen times, but to no avail. I keep looking for the perfect words to express myself… to express my thoughts and perspective. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized there are no perfect words. Moreover, there is nothing perfect about our world. I continue to reflect back on all that has happened in the past month, with a burdened and heavy heart. I am still greatly troubled by recent events...the immense sorrow at the tragic losses our community has endured, and the disheartenment of seeing such senseless violence unfold. My mind is plagued with questions….Why is life so hard? Why do such evil things have to happen? Why are our children expected to cope with such horrific life events? How do we move on from such tragedies? So many questions, yet no answers seem to be forthcoming.

Then, it struck me, this is exactly what has kept me from having a relationship with Him in the first place. The incessant need to know and understand, as if having answers to my questions would somehow ease the pain and suffering of life’s experiences. The reality is, there are no answers that can, or will, do that. As I sit and think about it, there have been multiple times in my life where I have known the reason or purpose for something, yet knowing didn’t serve to ease my heart or spirit. Logic and knowledge are in no way a deterrent to sentiment. I may know that if my skin touches fire it will get burned, yet that won’t prevent the horrific pain I will experience if it in fact occurs.

There are no words to express the grief and sorrow of the tragedy that took place only a few short weeks ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Our hearts break for all the families, students, first responders, staff and faculty that experienced firsthand the events of that fateful day. My intention is in no way to minimize anyone’s pain or grief. My hope is however, that through my truths and sentiments, others will find comfort and solace, and know they are not alone. It is imperative that we lean on one another, yet the ultimate truth is that we must seek comfort in the Lord, and remember that God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to our lives (Romans 8:28). Only God has the answers; only He can see our final destination, and only He knows the purpose of each bump and detour in our road. Our task as believers is to try and decipher - and follow - the road maps God supplies for us, all the while remembering that even as we encounter dead ends and steep curves, He is right beside us throughout our journey… our journey leading ultimately to Him.