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Teaching with a Biblical Worldview


RenWeb School Management Software is a major component of our school management system. A very important aspect of this system is RenWeb’s ParentsWeb – a private and secure parents’ portal that allows parents to see academic information specific to their children, while protecting that information from others.

All you need is an Internet-capable computer to view information such as:

  •   Attendance  Grades
  •   Progress Reports  Lesson PlanHomework
  •   School Calendar
  •   School Announcements  
  •  Teacher Email Addresses  
  •  Teacher Websites
  •   Other Useful School Information


As a current parent, you should already have a ParentsWeb account. You use the same username and password you set up when you did the online enrollment for your child. For parents who had a Renweb account last year, the username and password has not changed.


Our district code is: PCA-FL


Click “Parents” from the main page and you should see “Login to Parents Web”. Click there and you will get the login page for ParentsWeb. If you are asked for a District Code, it is PCA-FL. Then you will enter your username and password. This should take you to your ParentsWeb account. From the menu on the left, select “Students Information” to see grades and assignments for your child. If you have more than one child, there should be tabs across the top for your other children. Should you have any problems or questions, you may contact Julie Rivera at