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Teaching with a Biblical Worldview

Preschool & VPK

Parkridge Christian Academy's preschool program is set apart from other private, public, and secular schools because we equip our students with a biblical worldview through developmental appropriate practices.

What Is A Biblical Worldview?

A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God. At Parkridge we believe the Bible is entirely true, and thus we integrate it into every aspect of our school.

What Are Developmentally Appropriate Practices?

The following are components of developmentally practices at Parkridge.

Facilitation of cognitive, social, and emotional development

Ex: Learning to take turns, learning to respect others, and feeling good about one's accomplishments

Allow children to develop at their own pace and to pursue their own interests

Allow children to control their own learning by relying on discovery and exploration rather than on drill and practice or other teacher-controlled activities

Provide activities matched to the individual child's current level of functioning, with the aim being for the child to participate in activities that require skills just slightly in advance of those already in the child's repertoire

Realistic academic orientation - we introduce some basic academic skills, but we do not attempt to push children