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Teaching with a Biblical Worldview

Middle School

Parkridge Christian Academy's middle school program is set apart from other private, public, and secular schools because we equip our students with a biblical worldview through differentiated instruction.

What is a Biblical Worldview?

A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God. At Parkridge we believe the Bible is entirely true, and thus we integrate it into every aspect of our school.

What will my child be learning?

Our middle school program is designed to support students as they transition from the self-contained classroom of elementary school towards a high school schedule with multiple teachers.

Study skills courses develop organization, note-taking, test preparation, and time management skills.

Teachers value a team approach--working together to support each individual student.

Online assignment tracking, grade reporting and communication system keeps parents connected and informed.

Incremental semester exam schedule introduces students to comprehensive testing. 

Uniquely Made in His Image

At Parkridge Christian Academy our teachers understand that middle school students:

Are each created by God as unique individuals

Require opportunities to develop their independence with the support of caring adults

Value social interactions and benefit from structured opportunities to work together

Ask hard questions as they develop their individuality and form their worldview

Need a safe place to grow and develop during this transitional time in their lives

Therefore, our middle school program is uniquely designed with:

Integration of content across core courses

Structured work periods for homework completion

Yearly middle school field trip (overnight) learning about the development of our country from a christian perspective

Opportunities to practice leadership while serving with the elementary grades

Sports teams

Evening Youth Group and activites to encourage their walk with the Lord