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Teaching with a Biblical Worldview


Parkridge Christian Academy's Elementary program is set apart from other private, public, and secular schools because we equip our students with a biblical worldview through differentiated instruction.

What is a Biblical Worldview?

A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God. At Parkridge we believe the Bible is entirely true, and thus we integrate it into every aspect of our school.

Our Curriculum

Our elementary program begins with our preschool and Kindergarten programs that prepare students for first grade and beyond.  Our entire elementary program features a challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum, both christian and secular texts. We are intentional and plan our curriculum guides to ensure students receive a solid education that meets or exceeds the current public school standards.

What sets us apart from neighboring schools is a strong biblical worldview. Our core values are woven throughout the classroom environment. Teachers purposefully integrate the Scriptures and a biblical worldview into each content area subject. Students also participate in daily Bible instruction and weekly chapel services.

 Classroom instruction is enhanced through field trips and hands-on projects and demonstrations. We rotate through Physical Education, Music and Media as our core elective. Art is incorporated through our Meet the Masters art education program.

During Physical Education, the students focus on teammwork, physical fitness, and basic sports skills.  The primary goal of music class is to focus is on enjoying music, moving to music, and preparing the vocal pieces to be performed at our annual Christmas and spring concerts.

Each class also visits the library once a week in order to participate in a literature lesson and to check out books to bring home.


What is Differentiated Learning?

Differentiated instruction, also referred to as differentiated learning, provides students with varied ways in which to get subject area content. From processing to constructing to making sense of ideas, our teachers at Parkridge are committed making every effort to acquire and utilize instructional materials so that every student in their classroom has the greatest opportunity to learn regardless of differences in ability.

Parkridge is successful because of its amazing teaching staff who are committed to this philosophy of education - differentiated learning. The key is our teachers are intentional about finding out how each students learns and displays his/her learning so that she can meet each students' individual needs. The teachers are responsible for ensuring that what the students learn and how they are learning matches each students' readiness to learn as well as each students' preferred way of learning.


How do you enrich gifted learners?

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade are enriched in the classroom setting.  Due to the low student:teacher ratio, teachers are able to dive deeper into the curriculum. Using Project-based learning, our teachers design differentiated curricula that incorporate advanced, conceptually challenging, in-depth, distinctive, and complex content for advanced learners. Project-based learning is ideal for the gifted classroom, focusing on student choice, teacher responsibility, and opportunities for differentiation.

In 4th-7th Grade, students scoring in the 95 percentile in one or more subject area on the NWEA MAP assessment are eligbile to participate in the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP). For more information, check out Duke Talent Search at Duke University



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