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It's Not a Fish

March 07, 2017
By Stacey Wicker

As we get closer to opening our new athletic field, I kind of went into a nesting phase (like a new mom does before her baby arrives). I was scouting out prices for soccer goals, buying a line striper and thinking about the ribbon cutting experience. I remember how fun it was as a teenager to stick solo cups into a chain link fence and write messages. I came across a website that sells these snap in caps that can be placed in such a way that it creates designs. It’s one of those awesome ideas that when you see it, you’re kicking yourself for not invented it yourself! I order this beautiful Panther and Paw design and as soon as it arrived, I found myself outside trying to put this thing together. Mrs. Rosa helped me and as we counted out each cap, and placed it in the corresponding space, the picture did not seem to be coming out quite like the photo grid. Pastor Daryl came out to see what we were doing and said “Hey, nice fish.” Here we are following the directions, sweating in the south Florida heat, doing what we’re supposed to, and yet the end result is looking like a big mess.  Now even though I knew he was joking, I was a little discouraged. As I walked to the car to get more caps and a bottle of water, I looked back at the fence….and saw the START of a panther. I could see the eye forming, the tips of the ear. All the pieces were serving a purpose and fitting as the designer planned. As I walked back to the fence with the next set of pieces, I said to Rebeca “Isn’t this just like how God works in our life?” How many times do I feel like “Here I am, doing what I’m supposed to do; working hard every day, trying to raise my kids the best way I know how, meeting the needs of my husband and extended family members, serving in my church…putting each cap in the fence of my life. Yet there are so many nights that I wrestle with the Lord in prayers. “Why is life so hard? Why can’t I feel your presence? Why aren’t you answering my prayers?” The Lord has a much different perspective than I do. He sees how every struggle and every success fits into the picture He has for my life, just like the designer put every cap in place to make the panther, God has ordained every cap in my life to ultimately fulfill the plan He designed, before I was ever formed. Even when I don’t have the distance to see the whole the picture, how each cap serves a purpose, I am reminded that He is in control over it all. I am coming out of a difficult season in my life right now, and it won’t be long before I enter another one. That is how life works. My prayer is that God gives me the peace to live through each piece of my life, resting it all in His hands.