Teaching with a Biblical Worldview
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    May 3

    P.A.W.S. Meeting

    Parent P.A.W.S. is an organization of volunteer parents who partner with the Parkridge Christia... Read More

    What's Happening

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    Boosterthon is coming

    We’re excited to host the 9-day Boosterthon Fun Run as this year’s fundraiser. We kick off the fun, healthy, and character-building program on April 19th. Along the way, students will gather pledges for how many laps they’ll run at the Boosterthon Fun Run e... Read More

    We need volunteers

    Check out these volunteer opportunities:   Easter Carnival Boosterthon Read More


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    It's Not a Fish

    As we get closer to opening our new athletic field, I kind of went into a nesting phase (like a new mom does before her baby arrives). I was scouting out prices for soccer goals, buying a line striper and thinking about the ribbon cutting experience. I remember how fun it was as a teenager to stick solo cups into a chain link fence and write messages. I came across a website that sells these snap in caps that can be placed in such a way that it creates designs. It’s one of those awesome ideas that when you see it, you’re kicking yourself for not invented it yourself! I order this beautiful Panther and ... continue reading